Stay On Track Easily with Cozi Family Organizer 1
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Stay On Track Easily with Cozi Family Organizer

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Stay on Track with Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer

I’d like to introduce my digital planner, the Cozi Family Organizer. It has become a crucial tool in keeping our family schedule organized.

Cozi is a free online digital shared calendar app. The app is available for both Android and iPhone which is great for “mixed” families.

Cozi allows us to keep all of our appointments in one place. Convenient and always with you.

Stay On Track with Cozi Family Organizer
A glimpse into our life

Color Coding

When you set up your Cozi Family Organizer you assign each member of the family a color. The color coding lets you see who has something going on that day.

Shared Responsibility

Each family member can enter their own appointments into Cozi. All appointments are visible to everyone so it’s easy to see if there is a conflict.

If an appointment or event is for more than one person, each person can be checked in the New Event window

Stay On Track with Cozi Family Organizer
The “Enter Event” Window

The default appointment setting is for all family members. 

Stay on Track with Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Gold features

We subscribe to Cozi Gold for $20 a year and that gives us several extra functions.


With Cozi Gold, we have the option to notify family members when an appointment is made or changed. We all know how often plans can change and this feature makes sure everyone stays informed

Grocery Lists

We use the grocery list feature quite often because we don’t always know when one of us is going to the store so we can just look up what’s been added to the list as needed. this way if we don’t see each other often which sometimes happens we still know what needs to be purchased

Stay On Track with Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi also has a recipe feature where you can enter your own recipes or search for recipes that are in their database and that will add items to your grocery list as needed

Import Internet Calendars

One of my favorite features of the Cozi Family Organizer is the ability to import calendars from other programs. For example, we input the Kansas City Royals’ calendar and the Kansas City Chiefs’ calendar from Google so that we can always see when our favorite teams are playing

Stay On Track with Cozi Family Organizer

A Great Way to Keep Track!

I synchronize my Cozi Calendar onto my Happy Planner, allowing me to schedule work activities around appointments. See more planning tips here.

Organize Your Family

I urge you to give Cozi Family Organizer a try. Start with the free version and let me know how it works for your family!

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