Pickture of Happy Planner. Organization & Planning for the Sandwich Generation
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Organization and Planning for the Sandwich Generation

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Being a part of the Sandwich Generation comes with a unique set of planning and organizational challenges. Each person in your family has their own schedule and it’s your job to keep up with all of them! School commitments, after-school activities, sports, music, Bingo, medical appointments, social engagements… And that doesn’t even include your life!

Organization and Planning for the Sandwich Generation
My Happy Planner

Planning with the Happy Planner

The Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI) is a great tool to keep up with everyone in your family. I recommend the Vertical Weekly Planner. Here’s a picture of mine for this week:

Organization and Planning for the Sandwich Generation
Weekly Vertical Planner Layout

The Vertical Weekly layout offers a full column for each day, broken down into 3 blocks.

I like to use the bottom block for meal planning and big reminders. The top 2 blocks are for scheduling. I also use the notes and priorities column as my goal list for the week.

Planner Personalization

There are millions of decorations available from MAMBI and other vendors to give your planner that personal touch. In fact, planner decorating seems to be its own passion! Don’t believe me? Look at this Pinterest page.

Decoration and personalization don’t stop at stickers and Washi tape either. There are pages you can add for almost anything you want to keep track of. Bills, habits, meal planning, you name it and it’s probably available. If it’s not available then you can find DIY ideas to make your own.

Don’t Forget the Pens!

Apparently you can’t properly plan with regular old pens. Now I’ve always loved different types and colors of pens, but you can really go crazy with your planner.

Use different colors of ink to represent different people you’re planning for. Or color code activities. Really feeling adventurous? Try different pens for each!

I hope I didn’t just send everyone down the rabbit hole that is the planner world. It’s not something that I’ve done for very long, but it is already addicting.

For more planning tips, see this post about Cozi Family Organizer.

Post pictures of your planner pages in the comments and let me know what you use.

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