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4 Simple Tools to Make a Caregiver’s Life Easier

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Caring for a loved one is one of the most selfless things someone can do. It’s also one of the hardest.

It’s important to find ways to make life easier and more enjoyable for the caregiver.

tools to make caregiving easier

Here’s a list of my favorite tools!

1.    Cozi Family Organizer

Keeping track of appointments for both you and your loved one can be a daunting task. Cozi Family Organizer is a digital calendar, shopping list, menu planner and note pad that you carry with you on your smartphone. (See more about Cozi here.)

Cozi Family Organizer

Adding a new appointment at the doctor’s office to Cozi is so much easier than getting the reminder card and trying to remember to put it into your calendar when you get home. Who knows how many distractions are going to come up between now and then!

My favorite feature is the shopping list. How many times have you made a list, only to leave it on the kitchen counter? How many times have you thought that you needed to add something to the list, only to forget by the time you have the chance? Note the item on your phone when you realize that you need it. Have the list with you on your phone while you shop. Note:  You do need to remember to look at the list while you are shopping (which I don’t always do).

For more information about Cozi, please see this article.

2.     Audible

Like most of you, I rarely have time to sit down and read a book. I do, however, have stretches of time when I can listen to a book on Audible.

I listen in the car, at bedtime and when I’m doing mindless chores. Reading is one of my favorite things, always has been, and this app has completely saved me. Keeping up with all my favorite series is so much easier now.

Audible also has a new feature called Originals. In addition to your credits each month, you also get 2 free Originals. According to the Audible website, “Audible Originals are exclusive audio titles created by celebrated storytellers from worlds as diverse as theater, journalism, literature and more, all produced in the Audible studios.”

3.     Multi-Cooker – a wonderful kitchen tool

What’s for dinner? That age old question we all hate to hear

Make dinnertime easier by using a multi-cooker such as the Insta Pot or Crock Pot Express. Both of these cookers give you the option to slow-cook, pressure cook, sear or use as a rice cooker.

As a pressure cooker, you don’t even have to panic when you forgot to take the meat out of the freezer. Just throw everything in the pot and turn it on. No supervision required. No stirring. You can’t even open the lid until the time is up.

Perfect meals in no time at all!

4.     Amazon Prime

Everyone knows about Amazon Prime. Free 2 day shipping. Streaming audio and video.

But, are you familiar with Subscribe and Save? You can set up recurring shipments for items you use regularly. I’ve used it for coffee pods, razor blades, incontinence supplies, and more. What a timesaver!

So, now that you have the tools to keep you organized, entertained, fed, and supplied it will hopefully be easier to deal with all the difficult things you encounter as a caregiver. You’ve seen four of my favorite tools to make life easier. What are your favorites? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

I'm my mother's primary caregiver in her battle against Alzheimer's Disease. Join me on my journey to learn to earn an income online to allow me to continue caregiving and eventually live a location independent lifestyle.

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